DC100 Frequency Extender   

      The DC-100 band extender system upgrades the frequency coverage of HP8568B type spectrum analyzers. The base HB8568B covers to 1.5GHz with some units extended to 1.65Ghz. With the DC100 system installed coverage is extended past 4.5Ghz. Click on DC100  for a data sheet in PDF format. There is also a DC100 user Manual.

    The DC100 system can be installed in the HP8568B(see H96 option below) without compromising the performance of the original instrument. The spectral purity and power accuracy of the primary band ( 100hz  to 1.5Ghz) are insured from corruption by careful design of the DC100 system. Additional protection of the primary band is guaranteed as the DC100 system is automatically switched off (all power removed) when in primary band operation. 

    Once installed the DC100 transforms the HP8568B into a single RF input,  three band instrument with coverage past 4.5GHz. By using the existing RF input relay and the ability to enter frequency and power offsets the instrument readout's in frequency and power are correct within stated limits. The offsets and configuration for the two new bands are stored in instrument state memories. This enables a two key stroke ( Recall #) operation to completely configure the instrument for the new DC100 bands. All frequency functions work as before  including marker functions, center on marker etc. Again all these functions will now be scaled to the new frequency bands by the FREQ OFFSET function.

    In short the DC100 breathes new life into the HP8568B Spectrum Analyzer. The 2.4Ghz band is now accessible directly as are many other bands that were cut off with the stock instrument. By using existing hardware and software features of the HP8568B the user operation is straight forward, automatic, supported by GPIB interface and most important accurate & easy to use. The DC100 is not a perfect solution, but we feel it adds tremendously to the value of the stock HP8568B, one of the finest Spectrum Analyzers ever produced.

   Lastly the installation of the DC100 option is reversible. If the user at some point wishes to return the instrument to its factory state the DC100 option can be removed and the instrument will again be as supplied by factory.


Tracking Generator Support

   With a simple low pass filter on the input ( 2.7Ghz cutoff) a HP8568B equipped with the DC100 and the TG100 tracking generator the user can make swept measurements 100Hz to 2.7GHz. For more on this see DC100 User Manual

Installing the DC100 with HP 8568B's that have H96 Option Installed

  This can be done, but is not recommended. For detailed description of this option and implications for use with DC100 please see H96 Option