Agilent HP 8568B Spectrum Analyzer, 100 Hz to 1500 MHz

The Agilent 8568B is a high-performance, 100 Hz to 1.5 GHz spectrum analyzer for bench and ATE use. The exceptional frequency stability of the Agilent 8568B permits measurements with a 10 Hz bandwidth. This narrow resolution bandwidth yields noise levels as low as -135 dBm. Excellent frequency stability, sensitivity, and frequency reference accuracy combine to allow very accurate measurement of small signals in the presence of large ones. Multiple traces can be displayed to measure residual FM or drift, or to conduct real-time surveillance over a wide frequency range. Analyzer control settings can be saved in non-volatile memory. Complex measurement routines can be created on an external controller, stored in the analyzer's user RAM, and executed using a single custom softkey. By adding measurement accessories and options, the Agilent 8568B fits into many applications, including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, automated broadband signal surveillance, and component stimulus-response testing.


* 100 Hz to 1.5 GHz coverage with counter accuracy
* Exceptional frequency stability and sensitivity
* Powerful signal- and trace-processing functions
* Up to four trace markers with amplitude and frequency readout
* Stores traces, instrument states and custom downloadable programs (DLPs)


If you have a HP 8568B with option H96 click on "Option H96" to find out more about this option.